Sat, Oct 24, 2020

Data Management

JBODTECH, helping to make sense out of your digital life

Having issues with your data? Need help organizing, moving or managing contacts, calendar, email, music, or photos? Want to import or export data to different programs or devices? Need data converted or to a different format?

JBODTECH can help:

  • Import / export data to different programs and devices
  • Manage and sync contacts to mobiles devices
  • Conversion of files to different formats
  • Software installation & updating
  • Old to new machine data transfer & integration
  • Migration of data to different applications

Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive issues, from file system corruption to actual physical failure, are one of the most common points of failure in data storage. At JBODTECH, we understand the value that your data can have. That's why we offer data recovery services.

Data Backup & Data Transfer

The first step to data protection is backups. If you have two copies of your data, it is much harder to lose it. We can design and install a backup scheme that fits your needs and budget.

We'll install software, update your applications, move your files from your old computer to your new one, network your systems and configure your printer. We'll be sure to keep your files in the same format and folder structure so that you can navigate and access your files easily.

  • Data Backup & Transfer Services
  • In-Home, On Site, In-Shop or Mail-In Service
  • New Computer Setup and File Transfers
  • Windows/Apple Computer Configuration
  • Software Installation
  • Data Transfer Service
  • Data Backup Service
  • Data Recovery